September Giveaway (In October)

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I’ve been helped out by a lot of people this year. In thanks, here is a Gantt chart (my favorite kind of chart) of September apple drop dates for Zone 6b East Coast climate (with scribbling all over it because it’s hard to let go***). This is for you silvopasture folks, you u-pick folks, you livestock-in-orchard folks. Many of these apples are very cold hardy, so you Northern folks adjust to your own climate using common cultivars like Macintosh to guide you

I still have June/July/August/October in my secret crypt, but I’m giving away the abundant month of September. Thanks to all.

(Donations are accepted for this compilation if you find it of any use)


***It is hard to let go because this info is very difficult to come across and has involved both years of personal research and study from orchards and people in Maine, Virginia, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At this point, my life’s work is categorized into 7 months, May through November. This is 1/7th of my life’s apple work so far. You might be thinking: No biggie, 31 apple varieties in order. But it is a big deal.  Please use it, respect it, fix it according to your particular climate, and build from it.