Orchardist Seeks Land in Loudoun County, VA

Source: Orchardist Seeks Land in Loudoun County, VA


4 thoughts on “Orchardist Seeks Land in Loudoun County, VA

    • Hi Jeff,
      Yes, the possibility of a long-term lease is being considered. As a 32 year-old perennial farmer who is invested in very long-term tree crops, I’d need the following to consider a lease:
      1.) Autonomy (this is really important)
      2.) An agreed upon buy-out plan if, say, a family member decides to terminate the lease and we have to leave a business which is firmly planted in the ground.
      3.) 40+ year lease-term. Lifetime is even better.

      I’m not necessarily looking for a “steal” on land, just someone who has farmland and is willing to sell it at farmland prices rather than residential development parcels.

  1. Not sure where Loudan county is . Have you ever heard of Golden acres Orchard? It was founded by AP Thompson who started the Virginia Biological growers assoc.Its in Frount Royal, Virginia which is apple country . They might be helpful to your search . They planted the orchard in the 50s. My husband used to write to him and we’ve bought a lot of apples from them . They are not on the internet and ship apples all over the country.

    • Hi There,
      I do know about Golden Acres Orchard, I visited them recently to see the operation. Unfortunately, with AP Thompson gone, his orchard is no longer organic. His son, the orchardist, was not willing to disclose what he sprays on their trees. He alluded that you can’t grow organic in VA, the same mantra I hear all over this state. However, he’s growing the grocery store varieties.

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