I’m Hosting a FREE Workshop on How to Become a Guerrilla Grafter (aka, topworking)

Hi folks!

Do you want to learn how to take one of those invasive bradford pear trees the landscaper planted along your driveway and turn it into an Asian or European pear tree? How about turning your red delicious tree that you accidentally planted from Home Depot into a vibrant heirloom cultivar? Or change over a native persimmon tree seedling, or a Chinese chestnut, or a black walnut, or… you name it, really. Want to learn these skills for free in exchange for a few hours of sweat equity and camaraderie? Do I have the opportunity for youuuu!

APRIL 1st and 2nd (12:30-5ish) in Jefferson Maryland!!! Yes, I know that’s only 2 weeks away, but I was worried that my window for doing this wouldn’t be viable over those dates due to February’s summer temperatures. Fret not, we have plenty of time.  Come one, come all… learn the skills necessary to become true guerrilla grafters.

The PROJECT:   I will be hosting a Guerrilla Grafting party in order to convert as many bradford pears on our farm over to asian pears as possible within a 2 day period. Here’s a map for most of the trees:

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 8.17.56 PM

What will this event look like?

1.) You show up with friends, a grafting knife, a finer-toothed (pruning) saw, and clothes that can get some paint on them. A step ladder and hammer would also be good if you can bring them.

2.) I give you quality instruction and inspiration for guerrilla grafting. Then I pair you up and send you to a bradford pear sector to get your graft on.

3.) You leave with the skills and confidence necessary to guerrilla graft!

4.) A special bonus for helping- In 2018, I’ll supply you with moderate amounts of asian pear scionwood ($3.50/foot street value) to go off into the wild/suburbs/urban areas and turn bradford pears into asian pears.

INTERESTED? If so- fill out this google form.

Need a knife? Indicate on the google form (or email me) AND PAY for the knife via paypal on this blog and I’ll get you one for $15 bucks.



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